Introduction to the i-Pathways Blog

Hi All,

A BLOG, what a great place to share and exchange ideas as well do a little Q&A!

A little bit about our project if you just happened on to the i-Pathways blog.  We are an online distance learning curriculum designed for use in adult education programs as a GED test prep curriculum. i-Pathways originated in Illinois over 10 years ago.  The curriculum was designed by adult education instructors and administrators.  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Crystal Hack. I have been working on the i-Pathways Project since 2000 when all the behind the scenes planning, curriculum development, and piloting was taking place.  Distance learning has become a not only my career but a passion of mine.

The i-Pathways team is made up of groups of teachers and administrators, web programmers, graphic designers, and a user support team.  I am the project director and Kathy Tracey is the project coordinator.  We would all like to welcome you to this very informal blog.  We are looking forward to interacting with many people around the country to discuss distance ed topics of interest and more.

Thanks for stopping by.  Chat with you soon.  🙂


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