Making Sense of Social Media

Here we are right smack in the middle of the age of social networking. Sites such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress offer a place for people to share information about their hobbies, lives, families, work, school, etc.

Beyond social networking sites, chat rooms, video (example: YouTube) and picture sharing (example: Tumblr), pod casts, widgets, text, and instant messaging are just some of the ways people communicate within an ever-widening social circle.

The way people behave in social media settings can have lasting, even permanent, effects. Those effects can greatly enhance and benefit individual lives. Still, the possibility exists that certain types of social media interactions, both intentional and accidental, could negatively affect a user’s personal life, damage a professional reputation and ruin future job prospects.

Think employers aren’t looking? Think again. Whether you agree with the practice or not, more and more companies are using social media reports to screen out potential hires. While there is no actual rulebook or instructions for networking and behaving appropriately online, there are some basic unwritten and unspoken protocols, manners and guidelines that go with the territory. The i-Pathways Project has taken those unwritten rules and developed a Social Media Guidelines document that will help you, help your students make sense of social media and better yet, be wiser users of social media sites. Check out the link below for access to the Social Media Guidelines document.  Let us know your thoughts.

i-Pathways Social Media Guidelines

Additional Social Media Resource Info:

The Newest Way to Screen Job Applicants: A Social Networker’s Nightmare

3 thoughts on “Making Sense of Social Media

  1. Thanks to Deb Hargrove, FL, for sharing this link:

    This online article talks about using the social media to benefit of the user. This is a entirely different blog entry…hmmm…now that’s got me thinking. 🙂 Heads up for Making Sense of Social Media: Using Social Media to Your Benefit.

    Don’t hesitate to share links and ideas.

    Crystal Hack
    i-Pathways Project Director

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