The Social Media Revolution 2012 – Let i-Pathways help you reach your students where they are.

This video is being shared to help adult education programs see the power in using social media to reach their students. Whether you are recruiting new students, getting great news about your program spread by word of mouth, or trying to re-engage students who have exited your program, check out this video and the following information so you are informed.

96% of Millennials have joined a social network. AND ACCORDING TO GEDTS of their GED test candidates 75% of them are Millennials (age 16-30).

Who are you trying to reach to let them know about the classes and courses you have to offer? Where are you trying to reach them? Is your marketing effective?

Industry has this figured out – 80% of companies use social media for recruitment of employees.

Check out our i-Pathways Facebook page at

See how we are using FB to educate and provide PD.

Go one step farther and find out how to become an i-Pathways Program User.

What are the benefits to using i-Pathways?

-An online curriculum that is rich, deep, and robust. And will be ready for the 2014 Assessment. See our past blog posts here.

-An experienced team to guide you through the implementation of distance learning, including marketing using social media.

-A curriculum that is flexible enough to be used as an in-class supplement in addition to an at a distance offering. In-class supplemental use will help you provide another means of access for your students who need to prepare for computer based testing (CBT). i-Pathways can help teach the technical skills needed to prep for CBT.

Contact Crystal Hack, i-Pathways Project Director for details on how to become an i-Pathways program user. Email or call 217.494.5515.

Check out the i-Pathways website at

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