i-Pathways 2014

i-Pathways 2014

This is a very exciting time for the i-Pathways project. In January, i-Pathways 2014 will complete deployment of new curriculum, new instructor and administrative centers, and a revised technical infrastructure. The i-Pathways project has been deployed now for over 10 years and has gone through several revisions both to the curriculum and the technical infrastructure that supports it; the changes for 2014 represent the biggest revision since the project was launched in 2002.

We have worked very hard over the past year-plus to align our curriculum with the changes to the GED® test, align to both content-area and the common core standards, and with the HiSET. It is still as rigorous as it always was, but it also more adaptable and responsive to the changing landscape of high school equivalency tests.

As we revised our curriculum, we used teachers in the field as peer reviewers of the content to allow them to bring their classroom best practices to the project. We used that experience from the field to develop curriculum that we think will meet students’ needs. Throughout our 10-plus year deployment, we have always tried to be responsive to feedback from the field and incorporate suggestions into the i-Pathways project. We believe part of our success is due to listening to the teachers and administrators in the field.

We have also made a very significant change to how i-Pathways is presented on computers, tablets, and smartphones; we designed it to work the same on any device. It is completely mobile ready! By using a technique called responsive design, we are able to provide the same user experience from a desktop computer to a smartphone. We know the ability to access curriculum from a mobile device is going to be more and more important. With the ability to use a tablet device to connect to i-Pathways rather than a desktop computer, programs have the potential to stretch scarce dollars. Also, the option for students to continue their study outside of the classroom on their smartphone or tablet could increase their time working through content.

We are ready to work with educators and programs to move forward into 2014, and support them with curriculum and tools to help their students achieve their educational goals.

For more information, or to view a demonstration of the new i-Pathways, please contact us at info@i-pathways.org or visit the i-Pathways website.

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