Computer-Based Instruction: An Implemetnation Strategy

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.29.02 PMDo you ever wonder how to get started with computer-based instruction? Cindy Lock, the Adult Education Specialist at Illinois Valley Community College has provided a step-by-step outline of how to implement i-Pathways in the classroom. As identified by her strategic plan, student success begins with careful planning, teacher development, and familiarity with the curriculum.

To begin, teachers are encouraged to participate in a training that provides information on navigating the features and functionality of the system. Before teachers can even consider implementing technology, they need to be familiar with the technology themselves.


  • Teachers in today’s schools range from the older Baby Boomers, now nearing retirement age, to the older members of the Net generation, who are just starting their career.
  • Baby boomers spend about 9 ½ hours daily with media
  • Generation xers are immersed in media 15 hours per day
  • Net geners spend nearly 20 hours per day with technology.

The next step is to understand the curricula. Aligning instructional strategies and supplemental resources with core content takes time.


  • Most of our younger adult learners are no longer capable of uni-tasking. Focusing on one topic at a time is considered too slow, quiet, and restricting.
  • A 2007 report To Read or Not To Read by the National Endowment for the Arts notes there is a severe declines in reading time and ability

Once you understand the curriculum and are familiar with the technology, it’s time to prepare students for accessing the curricula. (i-Pathways is a High School Equivalency Test Preparation Curriculum. It is not intended for students reading below a 6th grade level.) After you have identified the students and provided access to the computer-based system, student success depends on an orientation. Preparing students for silent, sustained reading is often opposite of how students prefer to learn. However, in order to pass any of the HSE exams, students must be able to demonstrate critical reading skills for extended periods of time.

Implementing computer-based instruction is challenging and often takes time for teachers to develop processes and procedures. By providing a structured plan, teachers will have more confidence using technology which leaders to increased student-outcomes.

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