Why Should You Listen to Podcasts?

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Podcasts are a ticket to hundreds of hours of quality education. They connect us to current events, pop culture, science, history, and so much more. Podcast are convenient because they are automatically delivered to you…. FREE! With thousands of podcasts to sift through, we identified fourteen of the best and relevant podcasts in pop culture, history, and science.

Current Events and Pop Culture
Keep current in today’s hottest topics and world events.

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Serial is one of the hottest podcasts with over 10 million downloads. Learn about a murder trail from 2000, a US soldier’s desertion in Afghanistan, and so much more.

This American Life is non-fiction journalism at it’s most entertaining.

On The Media
combines news with comedy and provides a critical look at current events.

Freakonomics discusses a wide range of topics which include the gender pay gap, why everyone should be in a rock band, and the woman who traveled the world and ate cheeseburgers.

Make history come alive through engaging conversations and fun stories.

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A History Of The World In 100 Objects
 explores the history of humankind by discussing 100 every day objects. Although the last episode was in 2010, the topics are intriguing and relevant.

Stuff You Missed in History Class 
 covers stories that were missed in the traditional history books. Learn about the first African American war correspondent or the mystery of the Sodder children who went missing in 1945.

Connect science to every day life.

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StarTalk is by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Do we need to say anything more?

60-Second Science covers recent events in one minute commentaries about the world of science.

Science Friday covers everything from octopus camouflage to cooking on Mars.

The Skeptics’ Guide to The Universe  is one of the most popular science podcasts and explores all things science and pseudoscience while promoting critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and a general understanding of science.

Radiolab is a unique podcast because it weaves together stories and science into sound- and music-rich documentaries.

Stuff You Should Know answers every day questions like: How do landfills work? How do oceans work? How do mosquitos work?

Probably Science is comedy gold through it’s exploration of science.

BrainStuff explains everyday science in the world around us.

I hope you enjoy these selections. Let us know your favorite podcasts and which ones you will start listening to.





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