Your Library Is An Important Resource

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As adult literacy programs come to the end of their semesters and students prepare for summer breaks, the local library remains a critical resource for continued learning. This summer, explore the benefits of your library and become a lifelong learner.”Libraries build citizens, educate individuals, and foster thoughtful communities. They are essential components of communities.” Often called the “people’s university”, libraries provide information and educational opportunities free for all people, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

There are so many ways going to the library can help you achieve your goals.

  • Often, local libraries preserve artifacts and oral histories relevant to your community. Learning about your community’s history will help you build background knowledge needed to understand larger, global historical events.
  • Libraries offer remote access, often making it possible for those who can’t get to the library access to educational events through digital books and online resources so you can read a variety of literature and non-fiction.
  • Many libraries offer access to technology tools and instruction where you can learn to be an editor for Wikipedia, create a blog or zine, or even build skills with specific computer programs.
  • ESL learners and immigrants have access to resources through multilinguil represented in libraries through multilingual websites, citizenship resources, and book collections.
  • Libraries offer volunteer opportunities such as participation in advisory boards, to build a resume.
  • There are often summer tutoring or reading programs guided by libraries that are master curators. These professionals can ensure you find the resources you need in order to reach your goals.
  • There are countless newspapers and magazines in a variety of disciplines that will help you stay informed of current local and word events.

Before the end of your semester, go to your local library and discover all it has to offer you and your family.

Adapted from: Community Centered: 23 Reasons Why Your Library Is the Most Important Place in Town by Julie Biando Edwards, Melissa S. Rauseo, & Kelley Rae Unger

2 thoughts on “Your Library Is An Important Resource

    • I’m glad you found this informative. I am working on some more information about library services. It has come to my attention that several libraries are checking out Verizon Jet Packs to their patrons. Can you imagine – patrons are checking out the INTERNET. This is a great step to help equalize the opportunities across the digital divide. I hope to have an update on how this works by early July.

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