Win a FREE single subject GED practice test voucher!

At i-Pathways, we believe our product helps change peoples’ lives on a daily basis.  Therefore, we pour our hearts and souls into making our program one of the best high school equivalency test preparation programs available.  We’d like to know what YOU think about i-Pathways!

Has i-Pathways helped you get prepared for your GED?  Are you using i-Pathways in your classroom? Do you know someone who has benefited from using our program?   Have you spoken to the people at our support desk?  Have you attended a webinar where they taught you how to use the specific tools of i-Pathways?  Have you used any of the free professional development offered by the program?  Do you want to tell the world about how you’re using i-Pathways in your life?

Write a review on GED Marketplace and we’ll enter your name into a drawing to win one of ten vouchers for a single subject practice test for the GED.  The vouchers can be transferred to another person.  For example, you could win a voucher to give to your child or a student in your class.  Let us know you’ve written a review between now and August 30th by replying to this post or any post on Facebook or Twitter about the contest.    Thanks so much for participating and good luck!

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