About i-Pathways

i-Pathways is an online, web-based test preparation curriculum vetted by the GED Testing Service, the HiSET, and the TASC Test used by students and programs to prepare for high-school equivalency exams. i-Pathways is both direct to students or teacher-facilitated and includes curriculum, teaching tools, class management strategies, and a variety of reporting options to ensure success of the students enrolled in your program. i-Pathways is designed by educators for educators and delivers organizations a field-tested curriculum, with a 10+ year track record of successful deployment nationally. i-Pathways was developed by a non-profit collaboration between the Illinois Community College Board and the Center for the Application of Information Technologies at Western Illinois University. http://www.i-pathways.org

APOYO Fundraiser- Making Changes For Learners

APOYO i-Pathways is a fundraiser aimed at making knowledge to succeed in any high thinkstockphotos-104399333school equivalency test more available to Spanish speakers. It is important to be able to understand what  is required knowledge for the GED(r), HiSet, and the TASC Test. Currently, funding restrictions limit our ability to translate this content to Spanish. Through this fundraiser, i-Pathways will be able to translate all lesson materials into Spanish.

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La comprensión de las opciones de equivalencia de escuela secundaria

English translation

En la actualidad, existen tres opciones de evaluación principales para individuales que deseen obtener su certificado de equivalencia de escuela, comúnmente conocida como la HSE. Las pruebas van desde el GED(r) , HiSETTM, y el TASC TestTM. Cada estado determina qué evaluación se utiliza, con muchos estados que ofrecen múltiples opciones.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.02.57 PM

Así que, como estudiante, ¿por dónde empezar la preparación para su HSE? Como instructor de intentar cumplir con los estándares de CCR, incluir enseñanza de oficios, y preparar a los estudiantes para la vida más allá de la HSE, ¿por dónde empezar?

Aunque cada evaluación difieren ligeramente entre sí, todos ellos están conectados a tierra en los estándares de preparación universitaria y su carrera. i-Pathways es un programa de estudios aprobado para el GED(r) y HiSETTM. Vamos a explorar los puntos comunes en cada área de evaluación.

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Fulfilling a need through APOYO i-Pathways.


Watch: Dr. Adriana Villavicencio explains in the program, Being Latino Unbiased, some challenges revolving around education in the Latino community.

(See translation below)

As the population of Hispanics in the United States continues to rise, it is vital that they are offered opportunities to grow in their education to help support themselves and their families. As Dr. Villavicencio states in Being Latino Unbiased: Education, in 2009 there were 301K high school dropouts of hispanic descent, and the desire to help support their families is the #1 reason Latinos do not enroll in postsecondary education.


Earning a High School Diploma is a milestone for students who are in the United States from other countries, and once they have this crucial document, they are able to obtain employment or enter higher education. However, due to unique situations, not everyone is able to obtain this key to success. Thankfully, i-Pathways understands this, and is here to help guide the way. One organization that is making education obtainable is Edovo. Watch our social media channels for information about a generous donation from Edovo

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Introducing APOYO i-Pathways: A fundraiser for Spanish Translation

See Spanish Translation Below

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The Illinois Community College Board and the Center for the Application of Information Technologies at Western Illinois University partnered to plan, developed and deployed i-Pathways in 2000. Since its inception, this critical partnership has expanded the online test preparation internationally.

i-Pathways online curriculum provides students the opportunity to set an individual study schedule and prepare for all portions of the High School Equivalency exam. Each content area includes multiple lessons, activities, and learning checks to assess your skills. Math starts with understanding place value and goes all the way to quadratic equations. Writing starts with understanding sentences and guides you to successfully writing essays. Then the Science and Social Studies covers all the content needed for portions of the exam. All of these curriculum can be accessed through any device that has internet such as desktops, cell phones, or tablets.    

Currently, all of the high school equivalency tests are offered in both English and Spanish formats, but funding restrictions limit i-Pathways to English. This places a burden on those who only speak, or feel more comfortable speaking Spanish, and provides an unnecessary bump in their journey to success. Our goal is to translate a copy of all i-Pathways lesson materials into Spanish. This includes every subjects worksheets, lessons, stories; everything.

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You may feel all is lost when you turn on the nightly news. Shootings, race relations, terror attacks, climate change, and mud-slinging in politics are typically what you see within the first 5 minutes of turning on the television or reading feeds in your social media accounts. How can you tie these current event issues to the content covered in the High School Equivelancy exams? After all, the first question a student may ask is, “Do I really need to know this for the test?”   Well, I’m glad you asked that question, my friend. Let’s just take a look at the items I mentioned above and get ready for News Engagement Day on October 4th and discuss why the news matters when preparing students for their future.

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