2014 Assessment and Beyond: i-Pathways is Prepared

The i-Pathways Project is prepared to meet the educational challenges for students and programs as the 2014 changes in the high school equivalency testing are just around the corner. Over the past 18 months the i-Pathways Project Team including the system development team and the curriculum development team has been working diligently to not only get the i-Pathways curriculum aligned with several national adult education initiatives, but to also completely rebuild the i-Pathways system using updated technologies resulting in more advanced features and function for the end user.  The updated rigorous and extensive curriculum and the new i-Pathways system will debut in late Fall 2013.  We are extremely excited about the what we have to offer adult education programs and students in the upcoming years. To give you are sneak peak behind the scenes at what the i-Pathways team has been working on, check out the following information which includes the NEW i-Pathways Scope and Sequence.

The Scope and Sequence outlines how i-Pathways will address the expectations of the Common Core Standards, the Essential Knowledge and Skill Statements for Career Pathways and provide a detailed curriculum outline learners working at the Low Adult Secondary Education through the High Adult Secondary Education NRS Levels.

Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards provide a road map of benchmarks that a student should reach throughout their educational career in order to prepare them for success in higher education or career entry. The i-Pathways team has carefully reviewed the CCSS and developed a curriculum which addresses these standards in a very engaging and cross curricular approach.

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