Library Partnership Are Beneficial to Libraries, Adult Ed Programs, Communities, and Students

I was presenting in Northern Illinois a few years back.  After my session I was approached by a librarian who was so excited to meet me and to hear about the i-Pathways Project.  We stood and talked for about 10 minutes after my distance learning info session.  It was one of the best after-session conversations I have had.  She planted the seed of an idea in my head.  I brought that seed back and discussed it with Kathy Tracey, i-Pathways Project Coordinator, and David Baker, Associate Director of AEFL Professional Development.  I knew I needed some help deciding how to use what I gained from the conversation with the librarian.  Continue reading

Fear not the 2014 Assessment – You can handle it!

I remember in 1999 and 2000 when discussion about the “new” GED test was the hot topic in adult education. The changes announced by GEDTS sent waves of concern and apprehension and excitement through the field. The calculator portion of the test was added which led to concerns about teaching calculator use and accessibility. There were concerns about media literacy with the addition of the political cartoons. Overall season teachers and seasoned administrators alike felt uneasy but ready to take on the next generation of adult education standardized testing.