Technology Integration Is No Longer Optional – It Is Necessary

When I first started doing professional development in adult education in 1998, my buddy David Baker and I made it our focus to assist adult education instructors in their efforts to get technology into the classroom. We did several workshops around Illinois where we discussed seamless integration of technology. We even did a series of workshops on Mass Media and Pop Culture.  David and I had a great time doing these workshops. That was definitely a secondary goal. * smile* Our primary goal was to introduce easy to use and easy to incorporate technology to instructors who had little or no knowledge of computers, the Internet, and teaching with technology.

The thinking related to using technology in the adult education classroom in 1998-2000, when David and I took our show on the road, was that some were amazed, some were enthusiastic, some were eager, some were already doing it, and others met us with skepticism and doubt. I can not tell you how many times I heard this line almost verbatim from the skeptics, “I have taught for X number of years and I have had X number of students come through my classroom who have earned their GED(r) credential. I did that all without technology. I am not interested. What I am doing is working. Take a look at my track record.” Continue reading